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SIUC Center for Ecology membership types include: 1) regular membership status for on campus faculty members with an updated curriculum vitae and biographical sketch on file with the Center, 2) student membership for graduate students with an updated curriculum vitae on file with the Center, and 3) affiliate membership for emeritus faculty members, post-doctoral associates, professional staff, and off campus personnel who keep an updated biographical sketch on file with the Center. 
Along with their submitted materials, members are expected to sign up on the email list, attend Center functions, and use their Center for Ecology affiliation on research products such as papers, proposals, and presentations.  Members vote on Center issues, serve on committees, and are eligible for incentives provided through the Center such as student travel awards and seed grants.
See (link) or contact Matt Whiles if you would like to become a member or have questions about membership.

Member Department College
Laurie Achenbach Microbiology Science
Sara Baer
Plant Biology Science
Loretta Battaglia Plant Biology Science
Marjorie Brooks Zoology Science
Lizette Chevalier Civil and Enviro. Engineering Engineering
Jessica Crowe Sociology Liberal Arts
Leslie Duram
Geography and Enviro. Resources Liberal Arts
Stephen Ebbs
Plant Biology Science
Mike Eichholz
Zoology/Wildlife Science
James Garvey
Zoology Science
David Gibson
Plant Biology Science
John Groninger
Agricultural Science Science
Ed Heist
Zoology/Fisheries Science
Eric Hellgren Zoology/Wildlife Science
Eric Holzmueller
Forestry Agricultural Sciences
Kara Huff Hartz Chemistry and Biochemistry Science
Kamal Ibrahim
Zoology Science
Scott Ishman
Geology Science
Christopher Lant
Geography and Enviro. Resources Liberal Arts
James Lovvorn
Zoology Science
Mike Lydy
Zoology/Fisheries Science
Clayton Nielsen
Zoology/Wildlife/Forestry Science
Nicholas Pinter
Geology Science
Ulrich Reichard
Anthropology Liberal Arts
Charles Ruffner
Forestry Agricultural Sciences
Antje Rusch
Microbiology Science
Eric Schauber
Zoology/Wildlife Science
Justin Schoof
Geography Liberal Arts
Jon Schoonover
Forestry Agricultural Sciences
Silvia Secchi
Agribusiness Economics Agricultural Sciences
Henri Schurz
Mathematics Science
Sedonia Sipes
Plant Biology Science
Brian Small Zoology/Fisheries/Animal Sci./Food and Nutrition Science/Agricultural Sciences
Don Sparling
Zoology/Wildlife Science
Dale Vitt
Plant Biology Science
Robin Warne Zoology Science
Matt Whiles
Zoology Science
Gregory Whitledge
Zoology/Fisheries Science
Karl Williard
Forestry Agricultural Sciences
Jim Zaczek
Forestry Agricultural Sciences


We have established an email listserv for our group to allow easy and rapid communication about topics of interest to the group. Instructions on joining, leaving and sending messages are described below. Please address questions to the listowner: Sedonia Sipes

How a Subscriber Joins and Leaves ECOGROUP-L:

Subscription is set open, which allows anyone to self-subscribe to our list.

To subscribe to the list, send email to:


The subject line can be ignored when communicating with LISTSERV.
The text of the email should contain the following command:

SUB ECOGROUP-L firstname lastname

For example:

From: John Doe <>

After sending the above note, the person subscribing will receive a subscription confirmation and will be added to the list.

If you wish to leave the list later, send another email to LISTSERV@SIU.EDU and send the command:


You will receive a removal confirmation and will be unsubscribed from the list.

Sending Email to the List:

Before communicating to the list, everyone, including the list owner, must be subscribed to the list. List discussion is then achieved by sending email to the list's email address.

For example:

The email should have a proper subject and contain text appropriate for the list.
For example:

From: John Doe <>
Subj: First Posting
This is my first posting to the list.

Good luck!
Sedonia Sipes Listowner